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Hmolandlady gets an early Christmas present!

Very exciting day today!  After a somewhat challenging week personally ending with a rather festive nativity procession from our Church to the pub where Mary miraculously produced a 6 month old baby, I received not one but TWO early gifts:

Gift One:

Last week, sitting down to open the mountain of post (bills and desperate mail order companies offering last minute not-very-thrilling discounts) there was a statement from my friendly but aloof, Housing Benefit department.  For some strange reason they hadn’t paid Steve’s housing benefit last month but decided, even more strangely, to suddenly pay on Wednesday.  If that wasn’t a happy enough bit of news, I then received a text from Tim saying that Steve was seen walking out with his meagre possessions to a waiting car.  (“I was gonna confront him for you but the blokes in the car looked a bit big and I didn’t want to provoke a fight before Christmas.  I could’ve ‘ad ‘em though” boasted Tim).

Gift Two:

Earlier in the week I’d finally got hold of Steve’s mum and we had a lovely long chat about what a nice chap he was and, if it wasn’t for the drinking and gambling, could be a really great son.  I felt sorry for her as it transpires she’s spent years trying to help him and seemed exasperated by his latest disappearing act.  So I sent her a letter enclosing a Voluntary Leaving letter for Steve to sign (I figured he’d at least turn up for Christmas dinner) and promised not to pursue court action if he signed it and sent it back in the SAE.  His Section 21 expired on Wednesday and it was only due to my being busy with other matters that I hadn’t completed the N5 and N119 forms and submitted them with a £175 court fee.

On the usual rent round today, Tim and I let ourselves into his room to find that he’d left all the stuff he didn’t want along with several ex-girlfriend’s knickers (I presume!) and an odd collection of empty water bottles.

So, Christmas all round – I get the room back without the lengthy court process, Tim gets the job of refurbishing the room over the holidays (apparently his family STILL aren’t talking to him following an incident at a funeral earlier this year) and Jason, who is in the room, gets the opportunity to upgrade to a bigger room.  Now, girls, would you want to spend a night in a room like this?!


I leave you on this note:  anyone got any idea what he was intending to do with the bottles?!  We cleared five bin bags of them.  Picture below.


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Importance of Being a Member of a Landlord Association

Having blogged about some day-to-day activities it’s back to “A Practical Guide to Managing an HMO”.

Landlord Associations

However you decide to run your business, I can’t stress enough the importance of being a member of a landlord association.  Tenants can be canny things and, before you’ve even finished the word “eviction” they will be sitting in the queue of the nearest Citizens Advice Bureau.  Unless you are a property solicitor by profession, the law surrounding Assured Shorthold Tenancies can be tricky if the tenant wants to contest it.

Tenants can be badly behaved, dealing drugs, committing murder, stealing from old ladies BUT THEY STILL HAVE TENANCY RIGHTS.  Jail or dying in hospital does not mean the end of the tenancy!  With a landlord association you have telephone access to fellow landlords who fully understand the law and can advise you, correct forms and tenancy agreements and the opportunity to attend meetings and network with other brave souls attempting to earn a crumb.  (Actually, at the meeting I attend I’m convinced they are all millionaires and I’m the only one hoping to register a profit before the next maintenance bill arrives.)

Steve’s Section 21 (Notice for Possession)

After suggesting to Steve (verbally) that the house doesn’t suit his lifestyle and he may want to find another that does, I set about issuing a Section 21 Notice for Possession.  However, last night in bed I was reading Tessa Shepperton’s (Landlord Law) e-book on Assured Shorthold Tenancies – Your Complete Guide to Section 21 (well, I’d finished Girl Who Played With Fire and wanted a light read) and realised, through her words that, because he’d moved room in the same property I’d effectively created a new tenancy and he was still within the statutory 6 months fixed term.  Eek!  A quick call to the National Landlords Association (www.landlords.org.uk) and they confirmed that this was indeed the case and talked me through the correct paperwork to issue.  As I’d had some concerns about him at the beginning, he’d given me a guarantor so I can pursue her for rent arrears.  In the meantime, Local Housing Allowance are still paying his rent (with a £112 a month shortfall) so at least I’m partly covered.  If there’s any more anti social behaviour I’m sure the other big boys in the house can keep things calm (or call me if they’re being wimps).


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