FAQs & Contact

Who is the blog aimed at?

The blog is aimed at anyone with an interest in HMOs.  I hope to inspire, guide and bring a dose of reality to anyone thinking about entering this market.  Feel free to learn from my mistakes!

Any chance of a Joint Venture?

Please don’t ask me to make you lots of money through purchasing, refurbishing and managing an HMO on behalf of yourself or someone else.  The reason I change lightbulbs, listen to bickering and buy copious amounts of cleaning products is because the profit makes it worthwhile.  Anything less than a 100% management fee doesn’t!!

Do you offer any training?

Absolutely!  I’m passionate about running HMOs smoothly and efficiently.  I’m helping to arrange some legal workshops with Landlord Law focusing on the South and South East.  If you would like to request a particular subject or location preference, please complete this survey.  I also have a 3 hour training course prepared which I would be delighted to share with a group or an individual:

Can you give me any advice?

I can and I know first hand how tricky it can be to navigate the world of HMOs if you’re new to it.  However, please be reasonable and ask me only a couple of questions if you’re in a tight spot.  If you’d like to chat longer or would like more in depth advice on setting up and ongoing management of your HMO, email me at hmolandlady@hotmail.co.uk, we’ll have an initial discussion to find out if I can help and we’ll put a package together to suit you.

Can I post a Guest Post on your blog?

Thank you, but no.  If you would like to email details of whatever you’re plugging or want to write about, please email me at hmolandlady@hotmail.co.uk and, if I think my readers would find it useful or interesting, I will include a link.

Will you write a post for me?

I’m flattered and I am happy to write about HMOs, property in general or balancing the care of tenants and children but a nominal fee will apply.  My days of writing free content for websites is over as I have a lot of practical experience in these areas.

17 responses to “FAQs & Contact

  1. Hi I have an online letting agent, letbritain.co.uk I would like to see if there is any opportunity for a affiliation program with your self’s.


  2. gilly

    It amazes me, not for the first time, that someone who manages to make six grammatical errors in a one line sentence (which shouldn’t even be a one line sentence) can put themselves in a position of running any on-line business whatsoever.

    Having made your position perfectly clear, you must find it quite exasperating to receive such a comment – particularly after expressing the exact opposite of what is being requested! Extraordinary.

    Thanks for your contribution to the landlord community Serena. It’s always a pleasure to read.

    • Hello Gilly and thank you for picking up on the errors. Would you be kind enough to correct the grammar for me? The blog is written to air my thoughts rather than to offer an online business service but I agree with you that attention to detail is very important.

  3. Jeanette

    Hi, I live very near u & would like to chat with u about a property I own. I agree 2 pay £35 for an hr. Cd u dm me pl? Many thx

  4. can you add me to your blog? bordertutors@gmail.com
    thanks Colin

  5. Bernd

    Hi there, after owning several of single let properties I’m know considering setting up a HMO (will not need a license) but I’m confused about the fire and other health and safety regulations. You read about requirements for fire alarms and fire doors but nowhere could I find a clear guide explaining what is where required. Any recommendation where I can read up about it?

    In addition, you stated on your website that you offer a course and offer advice on a hourly charge basis. How could this be booked?
    Many thanks

    • Hi. Thank you for contacting me. Could you email me at hmolandlady@hotmail.co.uk and we can have an initial chat to see if I can assist?

      Fire and H&S regulations can be tricky from council to council but the fundamentals remain pretty much the same e.g. fire doors, risk assessment, hard wired smoke alarms, etc.

      Email me and I’ll happily explain more and we can see if I can help.

      HMO Landlady

  6. Sean morgan

    Hello there,

    I sought your site for advice regarding something rather embarrassing which occured last night…

    I’ve recently moved to cheltenham following a great work position and have been living in a Hmo for just over a month. I share with a male French teacher of 38 years who I find very friendly and a couple of around 40 years old also. I’m 22. Since I’ve moved in the couple have made obsurd complaints regarding me going for a beer of an evening saying that when I come home it wakes them up and they can’t get to sleep, even though I’m deliberately quiet. This has caused some tension and I’ve said to them that perhaps living in a house share isn’t an ideal circumstance for such temperamental sleepers and resigted times I’ve been stolen in previous hmo let’s and how I’ve not let it bother me as it’s a budget form of living.

    However… Last night I enjoyed a works night out and had a nice time, I came home at around 2am (admittedly, drunk, but still, I think holding myself together.) I went to my room and crashed out on the bed.

    At around 3am I remember waking up to go for a drink and to use the toilet. All of a sudden I was stood over the couples bed rustling their bed sheets! I’d somehow left my room, walked in to theirs and was being asked what I was doing by them!

    I am so embarrassed and so nervous that I’ll get kicked out, when I’m honestly (and truthfully) a hard working, intelligent guy that has never done anything like that or ever had an issue with drinking.

    Please help!


    • Oh Sean, I feel for you! I’ve only ever slept walked once but it is very embarrassing but, look at it this way, it could have been worse if you’d mistaken their bed for a toilet!

      As I’ve said before, couples can be difficult in a house share as ideally they’d rather be in their own self contained accommodation. However, they’ve chosen a house share so they really do have to live with it or move if they don’t like the noise. It is unacceptable for any housemate to “pick on” or bully another housemate for whatever trivial reason.

      If a housemate is being picked on for minor misdemeanours they have my full permission to verbally strike back if they feel it’s a prolonged attack and is unjustified. Usually the bully will then back down as the “victim” will show he/she won’t take any trivial crap.

      In your case, I suggest you buy them a decent bottle of wine, apologise for that particular incident and suggest they lock their door at night in future.

      You cannot be “kicked out”. Providing you’re not on a licence agreement (unlikely unless you’re in supported accommodation), the landlord MUST serve a section 21 notice giving you no less that 2 months/8 weeks to vacate the room.

      Your mishap hasn’t contravened any clause in your tenancy agreement, it wasn’t a criminal offence (as far as I know unless you assaulted them) and I presume you’re up to date on your rent. Do you get on well with your landlord? If so, it may be worth letting him or her know in case the couple go to the landlord with a more exaggerated version of the events of last night.

      If that doesn’t work and you want to live in Eastbourne or Brighton let me know! Keep me updated and tell me what happens.

  7. Hello – after nearly spending a lot of money on an HMO developer who after some searching was has a reputation as less than savoury, I’m desperate for any leads on totally trustworthy companies that offer a full sourcing and management service? Help!

    • Hello. Thanks for contacting me. As you’ve discovered There is a growing number of “Property Gurus” just desperate to get their hands on your cash! Email me at hmolandlady@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll go through your situation and I can advise. The HMO market is strong and will continue to grow so it’s a good investment providing you know what you’re letting yourself in for. Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. suki Tiwana

    Do you offer 1 to 1 train8ng for hmo managers please?

  9. Dear Suki. Yes we do. Can you email me some more information about yourself to hmolandlady@hotmail.co.uk?

  10. Emma Longstaff

    Hi thanks for all your helpful information. Can you recommend a type/make of boiler for a 6 bed 2 shower HMO?

    • Hi Emma. We’ve found Worcester boilers to be a good quality boiler and would put one electric shower unit in just in case there’s a problem so the tenants will still have access to a shower

  11. Hi! I’m trying to get in touch with you but your email doesn’t seem to be working.

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