Confessions of a Tenant

One great upside to this landlord business is how it puts you in touch with people you’d probably never encounter.  I’ve met tenants with a variety of hobbies from body building and fishing to alcohol and drug abuse and a bit blackmailing on the side.  Never, ever, though have I come across Linda’s hobby in either a social or professional capacity.

Linda is 55 years old and a Dominatrix – she doesn’t get paid otherwise this would be classed as prostitution.  The confession came about yesterday after she asked for a bigger room to accommodate her newly acquired wooden Cross.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “What, a crucifix?  Are you very religious?  There’s a church over the road with loads of them”

Linda: “No, it’s a special cross to put people on but I only want to store it here, not use it”

Me: “Forgive me, but I must ask – why?”

Linda: “It’s for my Fet Club”

Me:  “Again, sorry to be ignorant but your what?”

Linda: “I’m a Dom for a Fetish Club and specialise in cock and ball torture”.

We could have left the conversation at that point but I just couldn’t and the kids were at after school clubs so I had some free time.  Linda went on to explain that she offers to inflict pain on consenting men within a safe environment which she finds therapeutic.  She has a growing number of PVC outfits and torture instruments and apparently is becoming quite good at it.  In return she is able to unleash years of physical, mental and sexual abuse which she suffered in the 1960s at the hands of her family and a convent to which she was sent by Social Services.  The convent was supposed to provide safety and education for children in care but she was ritually raped and abused by the adults and the children, finally leaving without being able to read or write.

At the age of 50, she decided to turn her life around and take control.  Carrying out these sado masochistic acts means she doesn’t rely on drink or drugs and assures me the Submissive wants to receive the pain.

Forty five minutes later, my mouth had hit floor after hearing about the variety of acts she inflicts and she promises nothing takes place in the house as her room is her safe haven –  her first in many years. The lads in the house are fully aware (and I should think slightly terrified) by her alter ego, Mistress Distress (made up to protect her identity).  When I asked who her Fet Club partners were, she coyly replied “Some very respectable and ordinary local men from a variety of professions.  Put it this way, you never know what the person walking down the street has experienced in his or her lifetime.  I don’t judge people and ask that they don’t judge me”.

Perhaps not, but I know who I’m next taking with me when I next need to evict a male tenant!

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