This Student Needs Help

As you may know I’m not much of a fan of students, having witnessed first hand their inability to change a lightbulb or ensure their guarantor completes the correct forms BEFORE collecting the keys.  But today a very nice young lady called Aliya contacted me through the blog asking for help from HMO Landlords.  She’s finishing her dissertation on energy providers for HMOs which needs to be completed by Friday 14th August and she has had little response to the numerous emails she’s sent out.  Hey, could it be the subject matter that has failed to arouse the email recipients?!

She’s not selling anything, just trying to get some answers so please back her and lets get her the data she needs to put together something factual and convincing to pass.  The survey will take no more than a minute, if you’re quick, and can be found here:

Your responses will hopefully absolve me of all the disparaging comments I’ve ever made about students especially in this post I wrote last year and, on behalf of Aliya, I thank you.

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