A Feel Good Story and Very Exciting News!

Picking up the on the trend of prime time reality TV documentaries, I would love to have a clichéd Immigrant Romanian Benefit Street tenant to report on but sadly they’re all working their proverbial nuts off as we speak.

Instead, I want to tell you about Lara who came to me via the Council’s Homeless Team a few weeks ago.  Her two adult sons were in supported accommodation and Lara’s non existent finances meant she had been begging sofas to sleep on from friends for the last five months.  She was tired, miserable and had been forced out of her lodging room after the landlord used to leave her presents to clear up around (not in) the toilet.

Just like a TV charity advertisement, she’s now happy, warm with a TV for entertainment and living like a queen – even buying herself some leopard print bedding from Primark to prove it.  The real point is this; the Council appear to have revised their Bond Scheme – they provide a 4 weeks’ upfront deposit paid via bank transfer into the landlord’s account and this sum is collected at £20 a month from the tenant’s benefits.  Housing benefit payments should then kick in four week’s later meaning the tenant is constantly four week’s in advance providing they keep up the payments. The bond is then returned to the council who check the tenant has kept up with repayments and the money is returned to the tenant if the landlord hasn’t made any deductions at the end of the tenancy.

Well done, Eastbourne Borough Council – good system, advertise it more!

One In, One Nearly Out

Tom is at risk of homelessness after we spent this evening watching CCTV footage of the police trying to open his front door .  Unfortunately he couldn’t help as he was handcuffed to the railings, sobbing and shouting obscenities .  Exasperated, the Boys in Blue jumped over the garden wall and let themselves in the back door which presumably was far preferable to completing custody admission forms.  Now I know why tenants never lock back doors.

Very Exciting News!  

Easy Law Training  Training For Property Professionals

Easy Law Training
Training For Property Professionals

On a personal front, I am extremely honoured to have been invited by Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law to be the Easy Law Training Local Representative for the South!

If you’re a landlord or a letting agent based in Kent, Surrey, East/West Sussex, Hampshire or Dorset, please show Tessa she’s made a fabulous choice by answering this survey on where you prefer to see a workshop take place and the topics you would like covered.

Keeping up with the constant changes in the law and regulations for the rented sector, proper legal training is essential and training days are delivered by charismatic, experienced legal professionals.  You can also take me to one side to chat about HMOs, letting property or anything else property related for that matter.  Workshops are available on various topics such as tenancy agreements, repairing obligations, ending tenancies and HMOs.  Take a moment to check out some of the courses she already offers.

Once we have analysed the survey we will be hunting out venues, and considering topics and speakers.  We hope to be putting a workshop program online in the next few months

It would be lovely to meet my readers in person so please do come along and I promise the atmosphere, food and content will be first class!


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2 responses to “A Feel Good Story and Very Exciting News!

  1. I believe councils are beginning to wake up and realise they need to incentivise landlords to house the most vulnerable in society. From my experience Cardiff council will pay a cash bond and rent in advance to house tenants through their housing options team, but they do require a 12 month tenancy (not something I would personally do).

    However, not a problem having a bond certificate which lasts the whole term of the tenancy and direct payments of LHA for a 6 month tenancy, so eliminating some of the financial risk.

  2. Jane Macswayne

    Well done on your new role working with Tessa, if it is presented in anything like your blogs it will be a brilliant training experience.

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