Who Says Being A Landlord Isn’t Sexy?

Being an HMO Landlord/Landlady can hardly be ranked as one of the sexiest professions in the world.  Between managing tenant conflict, dealing with cleaning issues and mending unidentifiable leaks, not to mention fielding desperate phone calls, daft questions and all the admin goes with it, there are some lighter sides.  Take just some of these texts sent to me over the last year.

No response required!

Text 4









A Randy Plumber?!

Text 1a










Text 1b










Text 1c








A Stalker?!

Text 2a










Text 2b










Text 2c









And someone looking for a massage……

Text 3










Six month’s later, he’s still looking!!

Text 5


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7 responses to “Who Says Being A Landlord Isn’t Sexy?

  1. Sam

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!! You sexy chick 🙂

  2. You forgot to white out your would-be masseur’s name in the last image!


    • Thanks, yes I’ve just realised but, as a complete technophobe, it took me ages to scrub out the other names. However, I suspect there are an awful lot of Simon’s in the world! Thank you for reading

  3. Jane Macswayne

    I really must get a hmo!!

  4. Fantastic…………a few years back I bought a scooter. I had problems with it and posted on a bikers website asking for advice. I didnt want to come across as an idiot (being a middle aged bloke) so I invented a persona and pretended I was a 17 year old girl with her first wheels. I got the advice I wanted but also a message from a guy calling himself “Fender-Bender” who wanted to meet me at Charing Cross on Saturday evening. I was half tempted to go just to see his face

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  6. Interesting post .Keep it up.

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