HMO Landlord Course Now Launched!

Following the popularity of “Renting HMOs Sussed”, I am now delighted to announce the launch of three course dates for “How To Be A Successful HMO Landlord”.

– Choice of  half day seminars on Saturdays 15th June, 13th July and 14th September 2013

– Convenient Brighton location

– Thinking of investing in or already an HMO Landlord?  This course is definitely for you!

This course will give you everything you need to run a happy, successful HMO with minimum tenant turnover and maximum rental yield.  I will talk you through the HMO market, how to make the most of your HMO and, most importantly, how to run it successfully for you and your tenants.   Local HMO landlords will be on hand to answer any questions and give advice.  Click here for more information and to book – I look forward to meeting you!


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8 responses to “HMO Landlord Course Now Launched!

  1. jasonmcc44

    Hi Serena, Great to see that you’ve made progress on to offering a course – how are sales of the book going?

    Hope business is good for you – I expect to sign the agreement for my first rent to rent at the end of next week, so here starts a new phase for me.

    Best wishes


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    • Thanks Jason and many congratulations! Now you need to come on the course and learn how to identify your market, attract tenants and keep them. Lots has happened for us both in the last 12 months……

  2. Is great reading about everything you’re up to! Keep up the good work and good luck with the course =)

  3. How many people will be on each course?


  4. I sent an e-mail about the course but did not get a reply?

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