HMO Training Course Launched – Law And Practice

We are delighted to announce the first training course designed for aspirational, new and existing HMO Landlords.  Whether you’ve been reading these blog posts and thinking “I’d like to do that, but am not sure how” or “I recognise some of these scenarios from my HMOs” this is the course for you.

This is a course run by experienced HMO professionals and is NOT an investment or sales pitch; it’s been developed by Easy Law Training and is part of the School for Landlords courtesy of Tessa Shepperson, Solicitor and Ben Reeve-Lewis, Tenant Relations Officer and Housing Expert.  After the  course you will understand the legal and practical implications of buying and managing an HMO.

David Smith (an acknowledged expert on HMO law) will cover all the legal and regulatory aspects of buying and owning an HMO and then I will be bringing my book to life by discussing how to manage your HMO (without pulling your hair out) and will reveal extra tips and pieces of information I’ve recently picked up.

So, if you’d like to find out more about owning, running and managing HMOs, come along to our  special, new one day workshop by clicking the link on the right hand side of this web page.


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11 responses to “HMO Training Course Launched – Law And Practice

  1. Hi, im not sure if its me just being stupid but im not actually able to find a direct link to a training day?

  2. No worries found it, its in the image at the top!

  3. Hi i really dont mean to be negative but i always find the HMO Training days and seminars etc to be quite obvious and patronizing unless your new to the environment which im guessing your targeting?
    Don’t get me wrong its a great post but i cant imagine anyone taking these steps unless they were to do thorough research before hand if you get my drift?

    • Hi Karen. Thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right in that some courses I’ve looked at are nothing more than money making for the trainers! This course is unique in that David Smith is a senior solicitor specialising in HMOs and I’m there to talk about the practicalities of managing them within the law but also for the comfort of the other tenants. The course is designed for new landlords and those landlords or agents who want a few hints and tips on managing their rooms smoothly, especially in the market we’re dealing with. We’re looking at the HMO market, how to price rooms, how to deal with antisocial behaviour and what happens if it all goes wrong and they need to be evicted before causing any more damage or distress to their housemates. There’s no additional sell or investment strategy to sign up to!

      This course is different in that it’s being run by solicitors who know their legal stuff and me who, I think, has come across just about every scenario in my 7 years of managing HMOs (touch wood, I’m sure there are probably ones I have yet to encounter!!).

      In the meantime, thank you for reading!

  4. Hi. Thanks for purchasing the book. Did you buy it through Property Bookshop? Could you email me at and I’ll send a copy to you

  5. Suki Tiwana

    When is the next hmo course , costs and where please ?

  6. Taiwo kehinde

    I am very much interested in the HMO programmes and will like to know how to go about it.


    Please be informed that i am interested in the training and will like to know how to go about it.
    Thank you.

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