The Return of the Mad Czech!

The mad Czech returns with a purpose – extracting money out of his one time housemate, Dominic.  Zitomir left for London citing new and exciting challenges workwise (and I think he was finding it difficult to get work here having been thrown out of a couple of jobs for sexual harrassment.)  I received a long text from him today: (the writing/spelling is exactly as per the text and not my lack of proofreading)

“Hi, you know we always had a nice and fair relationship.  That’s why I am texting you, because I know you can easily help me, and also it is my last attempt before I will cath the bustard Dominic, although not having time to spent with him all!  It’s already three months ago you were facing bailiff in your house because of him!  He gave me a call, and asked me if he could see me urgently and  asked me not first time for money.  This time was in tears, that he owe’s £500 to some company for a long time and that next day they will come to your house and will take everything they want!  He said you will kick him out from the house, and he will be homeless!  He said its his last lesson in his life and he will give me the money back within a month!  But after a month time he didn’t care at all and after two months with a lot of lyes he gave me back half, and since he doesn’t care at all, even not replying to my phone calls .  I know you could easily press on him and save me a lot of time and nervs because I swear on my self ten times a day now how stupid I could be!!  Let me know, please.  Thanks. Zitomir.”

After re-reading the text a few times I guessed he wanted me to be his debt collector and “press on him” (Dom) – whatever that means, but does conjure up visions of me pressing down on Dom’s head until he succumbs, begging for mercy.  Instead, I sent a text back “Hi.  This is an issue between you and Dom and I won’t get involved.  I will tell him you are trying to contact him and suggest he sorts it out.”

Zitomir replied:  “I know that it is very difficult now from my position to ask you for help.  I can thanks to my stupid naivity only!  Instead of he should call me and to apologise at least.  I have to call him and spend time to catch him?  He is f****ing bustard nothing else!  He did lye last time when he had the accident with his friend in Brighton, I forgave him £80 and further!  OK, whatever you can do will be nice from you.”

So I called Dom and warned him in the future to be careful who he was opening the front door to.

On a Not So Funny Note

A few weeks ago Nadine’s doctors found a lump which turned out to be breast cancer.  Today came the news that, despite surgery, the cancer has spread and she’ll need further scans, tests and chemotherapy.  She’s so positive about her situation that she said “At least it got me out of the Morrison’s work programme I was told to go on by the Job Centre.  Do you know that they wanted us to work for free and then they’d decide if they’d give us an interview?”

We’ve worked out a system that, if her keys are in her door, the boys can pop in and offer her a cup of tea and if her door is shut with no keys she’s resting.  Her sunny nature was even more apparent when she said “Aren’t I lucky to be living with these lovely housemates?  Some people don’t have anyone and are all alone.”  We’ve bought her a sunbed for the garden on the proviso that only she’s allowed to lie on it!

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