Update – New HMO Guide Coming Out

Morning Everyone and an apology for not posting last week. Over the last year or so HMOs seem to be the new gold in property investing and you’ll find no end of companies promising high yields in return for putting your money into rooms.

Yes, they’re a great return in this market, especially now that LHA claimants can only claim for a room in a shared house if they’re under 35 years old. The market for room only was already big but this new rule has meant that demand for rooms in shared houses can only rise.

A Guide To HMOs
In the next couple of weeks I’ll be launching “A Practical Guide To Running Houses of Multiple Occupation”. I won’t promise untold riches but will let you know what you’re letting yourself in for! The first draft is currently being checked by an experienced student landlord, an HMO landlord and a housing guru for legal and content relative to the market.

The Guide isn’t War and Peace (although that could be a good title!) and aims to get you up and running based on my five years’ experience and countless, easily-done mistakes which no HMO landlord need ever make again.

Crossing Over To The Other Side
In the meantime, I’ve crossed to the other side and become a letting agent. Alongside collecting money on toll bridges, training as a chiropodist or working in a school, a letting agent was at the bottom of my career list. However, it’s for a good friend and, you never know, I may just enjoy myself! Here’s the link http://www.property118.com/index.php/hmo-landlady-becomes-a-letting-agent/23534/.

P.S. if there’s any area you’d like me to cover in The Guide please do let me know.


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2 responses to “Update – New HMO Guide Coming Out

  1. Ben Reeve-Lewis

    Did you know that letting agents were invented so that arms dealers would have somebody to look down on?

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