Common Excuses For Not Paying Rent

During your time running an HMO you will hear 101 different reasons why the rent isn’t there when agreed, but here are the most common.  I would love to hear of any others and am always that little bit more interested when one of my tenants gives me an original excuse!

1. “The Social forgot to put it in my account” – unlikely.  They haven’t put it in your account because there’s a query

2. “Mum said she’d drop it round later” – since when did Mum agree to pay your rent?  You’re a big boy, earn the money yourself and stop spongeing off mum if you’re over 21.

3. “I haven’t been paid” – in this financial climate if you’re a casual worker/labourer it’s believable.

4. “My boss mucked up my time sheet” – No, your boss is trying to balance his cashflow and trying to see what he can get away with

5. ” I had to buy a new games console as I get bored” – Hold the rant and tell your tenant about the various ways he can entertain himself for free!

6. “I didn’t sell as many drugs/illegal items at the bootfair as I hoped” – Hold on a minute, you said you were in regular employment on your application form

7. “My mate owes me money” – Don’t care, your mate isn’t using the electricity/gas/building.

8. “I forgot” – Since when did you forget that I’d be banging on your door every Saturday when I’ve been doing it since the start of your tenancy!

9. “I forgot it’s Christmas” – Funny thing, Christmas.  It has a habit of coming round once a year on the same day and we all have to budget for it.

10. “It’s January” – I put out a warning in November, NOT to overspend at Christmas as January tends to be a long, lean month

11. “Dunno” – If you don’t know, neither do I and I’ve lost any respect for you for not giving me one of the above excuses.

I hasten to add that some excuses are genuine.  I won’t take money from someone if they don’t have enough to eat or get the bus to work.  It’s as important to me that they are able to earn money as it is to them so we come up with a payment plan to pay the arrears over the next month.  This is why it’s so important to have a receipt book where you can write everything down.

Remember: Your tenant wouldn’t go into a supermarket, put his goods on the conveyor belt and then ask to pay next month.  Shelter is as basic a need as food!


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3 responses to “Common Excuses For Not Paying Rent

  1. G Keef

    i am enjoying your blog, never a dull moment.

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