Prices to Charge and Expected Yield

Rooms range from £65 per week for the smallest, £80 per week for the medium size to £100 per week for the largest.  Prices are all inclusive of utilities, internet and, in a house full of hygienically challenged boys, a weekly cleaner.  Therefore, in a 5 room house of 1 small, 3 medium and 1 large rooms you can expect £410 per week or £21,320 per year.  Utilities amount to £4,200 per year, leaving £17,120.  The average house cost £174,000 in 2007 which means just under a 10% yield without taking voids and non payments into account.  Hard work, but a pretty good return in the current climate (unless you were left a portfolio of properties by a great grandfather without any mortgages!). Deposit is £150.

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